Insects That Can Damage Your Wooden Furniture

If you own wooden furniture, you can become wary of the summer, since insects can damage your expensive bed, chairs, or tables. Below, take a look at a few insects that can severely damage your wooden furniture.


Woodworm is a common wood-boring insect that consumes wood after hatching from its egg, creating tunnels to live in. However, these beetles only exit wood after turning into adults, causing severe damage to wooden structures, especially any furniture you may have in your home. Although people think that treating the holes of their wooden furniture with insecticide kills the beetles, it's not useful because the damage shows that the beetle is already gone. The three main types of these beetles that can cause damage to your wood furniture include powderpost, deathwatch, and false powderpost beetles.

Wood Boring Beetles

Wood boring beetles are one of the largest classifications of living creatures because they have over 400,000 species in 500 different families. These diverse wood boring insects feed on nearly any food, such as forest growth, agriculture, and other products. Wood-boring beetles' bodies consist of a head, abdomen, and thorax that are protected by a hard exoskeleton and forewings. Their average lifespan consists of growing from an egg into a larva, then to a pupa, and finally an adult.

Common Furniture Beetle

Common furniture beetles only inhabit dry, seasoned sapwood, which can be a relief if you don't own that type of furniture in your home. However, the beetles themselves cause much more damage in structural timber, rather than furniture itself. Female common furniture beetles lay eggs in the cracks of wood or inside exit holes of wood, which hatch into larvae that start to eat away at the wood. After three to four years, the larvae eat their way throughout the timber and appear as adults when they finally exit the wood. You can tell if there's an active infestation if there is a lot of wood dust around holes of your wooden furniture. The actual development of the larvae also depends on the humidity and temperature of the environment either outside or inside your home. Once you notice holes in your furniture, you should consider hiring a residential pest control in Middletown, NY. Give Garrie Pest Control today for more information (800) 339-0351.