How to Prevent the Most Common Springtime Pests

Spring is a time of new life and growth. But a lot of that new life takes the form of unwanted pests invading your home. As insects and rodents begin to venture from their dens and seek new sources of food and shelter, you might find yourself dealing with an infestation. Here are some of the most common springtime pests and how you can prevent them from setting up camp in your home this spring.


When the temperature begins to warm up, ants of all kinds begin to forage for food and new places to nest. Carpenter ants and pavement ants alike will make their way into your home, and they can quickly become an infestation if you don't get the problem treated.

The best ways to prevent ants from coming into your home are to seal up any small openings in baseboards and floorboards and to keep all food neatly sealed away to avoid attracting the pests. Make sure any food scraps are cleaned up every day. If you start to notice more than a few ants marching through your home, you should start looking for pest control companies in Peekskill, NY, because they likely already have a nest in or near your home somewhere.


Spiders love to make their homes alongside humans, especially in basements, garages, and other parts of your home that you don't frequent. While they may be helpful at ridding your home of other bugs, they're hardly a welcome house guest. The best way to prevent these 8-legged invaders from making themselves at home in your house is to make sure you have eliminated their food source--other bugs that might be in your home.


If you have pets, be on the lookout for fleas as the weather warms up. The more time your pets spend outside in the warm weather, the more likely they are to catch fleas. So, stay on top of their regular treatments and baths, and comb through their fur regularly to look for signs of an infestation.

If you have any kind of pest infestation, look for pest management companies in Peekskill, NY.