How to Keep Your Home Critter Free over the Winter

Winter is the season for holiday cheer, and for pests to interfere! Some of the most common cases of pest infestation actually occur during the winter months, and exterminating companies in Peekskill, NY, are busier than ever. Why is this so? Also, what can you do to prevent these unwanted guests from interrupting your festivities?

Seal Entrances

Pests are small enough to enter through the tiniest points, like gaps around doors and windows. A small lift in your siding can allow pests to crawl between your walls. They can even enter through your plumbing! Have gaps and holes sealed to keep pests out, because the warm temperatures indoors will attract them in. The best pest control is preventative, so make sure your house isn't a pest's best bet.

Watch Your Food

Winter food like fruitcake and cookies often goes unrefrigerated, but that doesn't mean you should leave it exposed for every rat or roach in the neighborhood to dig into. Keep food well-sealed, and try to avoid leaving crumbs and other messes behind. Make it a family event to keep the house clean. Also, you can deter raccoons and rats by keeping your garage and recycling bins properly sealed.

Inspect Firewood

The best termite treatment is also prevention, and nothing tastes better to termites than freshly cut firewood. If you store firewood outdoors or are using the remains of a dead tree in your yard to fuel a fire, be sure to inspect it and clean it first. You can carry termites indoors if you're not careful. If you store firewood outdoors, avoid storing it against the exterior walls of your home, where termites can easily travel to their next meal.

If worse comes to worst, you can hire exterminating companies in Peekskill, NY, to tackle your pest problems before they ruin your holiday. Follow this advice to prevent common causes of winter infestations, and keep an exterminator's phone number handy. The minute you see a rodent or other dangerous pest indoors, call them. They can stop a single instance of pest invasion before it becomes a winter swarm.