Different Types of Household Pests

Household pests can be a real pain. First, there’s the fact that you have a pest in your home that can make your skin crawl knowing that they’re living in your space. Then, there’s the fact that pests can make a mess in your home. They can leave dirty streaks from their bodies, waste products, chewed-up wires, and food waste from the pests making your food their food. Finally, pests can pose real health concerns for you and your family.

This infographic will help you to know which pests may be making your home sweet home their home sweet home. Once you’ve determined those strange sounds in your attic is a family of raccoons, or that bed bugs are making a meal of you and your loved ones at night, you’ll be able to create a plan of action on how to get them out of your home. Not every pest can be removed the same way, so this helps to tailor-make your solution.

Some pest problems are just too significant for a DIY solution. When you’re dealing with pests, your best bet is to contact us at Garrie Pest Control. Not only do we help you to eradicate your problem pest, but we work to identify how the pest was able to breach your defenses in the first place. This step will help you to keep these pests out in the future. We have eradication plans created for the different pests that can be causing damage and health issues in your home.

Ready to talk to one of our pest control specialists that use environmentally conscious methods? Call us today to learn more about our services, and how we’ll help give you your home back.