Common Myths about Pest Control

Pests are diverse (sometimes, they even come in human form). There are a lot of myths pertaining to pests, though, that if not corrected, can lead to false assumptions and problems for the homeowner. If you are looking for a residential pest control company in Peekskill, NY, Here are some of the more popular myths regarding pests that are out there.

Pests Leave Clean Homes Alone

Pests like anywhere they can hide, find food and be safe. They simply do not care whether your home is clean or dirty. If your place fulfills those three criteria, pests can live and thrive if not taken care of.

All Pests Live in the Open

This is almost exactly the opposite of reality for just about all pest control companies in Peekskill, NY. Most pests are excellent at hiding, can fit in tiny spaces and only will stir when they know the coast is clear. A good rule of thumb is that if you see one pest, you have a lot that call your home their home.

Cockroaches Prefer Dirty Homes

Cockroaches have lived in everything from trailers to mansions, huts to palaces, for centuries. They do not discriminate based on locale or cleanliness. If you have a dark place to hide where they can have access to food and water, cockroaches can thrive.

Bug Bombs Kills Bed Bugs

They do, but they are not very efficient. Generally, unless you can get the vapors into an area a bed bug is hiding, a bug bomb only works to a limited extent. A bug bomb will also not reach hideaway places where bed bugs like to lay eggs or hide.

One Application Kills All Pests and Is Immediate

This myth is pervasive, no matter where you live. In reality, most pest treatments take a few days to work fully and require more than one application. Pests can lay eggs that hatch after treatment and can hide very well in most cases. Expect more than one application will be needed to truly rid yourself of pests.

Whether you are looking at residential or commercial pest control companies in Peekskill, NY, being aware of pest myths is critical to understanding your pest problem and tackling it. Once you understand them, ridding yourself of pests is just a matter of persistence and patience.