Different Termite Extermination Techniques

It’s estimated that termites cost homeowners more than $5 billion in damage each year. These tiny insects may seem too small to do any real harm, but when left to their own devices, they can destroy homes and buildings. Because termites eat wood, they tend to burrow into the walls of homes and munch away at the foundation. If you begin to spot piles of insect wings, subterranean tunnels in your crawl space, or sagging floors, you may have termites. Contacting the best termite company in Fairfield, CT, is crucial to the survival of your home. The sooner that you call, the sooner you can rid your house of the infestation. Depending on how severe the destruction is, your pest control company may use one of the following methods to exterminate the termites.

Soil Termite Treatment

Not all termites can be found in wood. In fact, many termites create their nests in the soil underneath homes. Not only do the creation of these tunnel systems cause foundation issues for your home, it also makes it difficult to completely remove termites from your property. If you’re dealing with subterranean termites, your pest control company will first dig a trench around the entire foundation of your house. A termiticide is then applied to the trench and the soil, which prevents the tunnels from spreading and poisons the termites already present. Termiticide also prevents termites from nesting in the soil, multiplying the problem. Once the soil has been treated, the trench is refilled. This type of treatment is generally effective and prevents any future infestations. It can also be used as a preventative treatment if you’re worried that your home may be vulnerable to termite attacks in the future.

Wood Termite Treatments

It’s important not only to destroy the termites’ nesting grounds, but to also prevent them from doing more damage to the wood in your home. If you have a colony of termites living in your walls, your pest control company may use various types of wood treatment. Surface sprays, injectable sprays, foams, and borate-treated woods are effective ways to prevent further infestation. Typically, borate wood treatments can be performed during the construction phase of a home to prevent termites from bedding down. If an issue arises in an existing structure, foams and injections are the best course of action.

Bait Systems

Along with wood treatments, your pest control company may recommend setting up various bait systems around your home. These traps will be carefully monitored to ensure that your termite problem is under control. If an increase in termites is found, additional treatments may be recommended.

Don’t wait. If you suspect that termites have made your home their own, it’s time to call for immediate termite extermination in Fairfield, CT.